Contest Giveaways

Good news! We are now recruiting new, highly driven talents to join our digital promo team.


How Does It Work?

You can promote our website or assigned content, and you can trade your efforts for credits.

These credits can then exchanged for the products from our online shop.


Credit Exchange System

300 Posts = 30 Dollars
1000 Posts = 100 Dollars
You can exchange your credits for the items in our online store.
Store URL:


If you’d liek to opt for payment, we also have a direct payment plan.

The credit exchange system is still the same.

100 Credits for $10.00 USD


Contest Guideline

Everyone qualifies, wherever you are worldwide.
Promote, and exchange for top top gear.
Acceptable Posts
Forum Posts


Send us a screenshot of all your reposts and posts.
All files must be documented inside the given Report Excel Sheet.




It will take 24-48 hours for us to screen.


If you are posting to the wrong, irrelevant website, the website will be discounted.


Training Guide