Billionaire Boys Club x Hebru Brantley Collaboration is Out Of This World

The Billionaire Boys Club x Hebru Brantley capsule collection brings two iconic characters together. Get ready for graphic-laden pieces for the season.


American artist Hebru Brantley is famous for his signature characters. He uses these characters to look at complex narratives. These stories often explore the following themes: nostalgia, the mental psyche, hope, and power.

This partnership with Billionaire Boys Club also brings about an assortment of tees, hoodies, jackets, and bandanas. These pieces are definitely eye-catchers since they feature two iconic characters from both brands.

Flyboy Meets The Astronaut

Hebru Brantley’s works revolve around iconic characters that he conceptualized. One of these characters is Flyboy.

Yellow goggles and a green helmet characterizes Flyboy. The childlike character took its inspiration from the Tuskegee Airmen, black pilots who fought in World War II.

Brantley’s paintings and sculptures often depict him flying and running. According to the artist, Flyboy is “derived from the idea of needing pivotal characters of color that could exist in a pop commercial space that’s also a space of high art.”

In this collection, Flyboy meets another signature character: BBC’s Astronaut. The pieces are now available in BBC retailers as well as in the brand’s online store.

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