ALIEN BODY Fall/Winter 2017 Lookbook: Bold Graphics, Eye-Catching Colors

The ALIEN BODY Fall/Winter 2017 lookbook features the brand’s latest collection. Over-sized staple pieces with bold graphics and eye-catching colors take the spotlight.


ALIEN BODY’s newest set has everything from gothic-inspired prints and writing to fishnet bodysuits. The pieces are perfect for lounging around the house this season.

The unisex range includes a series of long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, and caps. All pieces also have esoteric symbols and obscure subcultural references.

A Celebration of Underground Subculture

Meanwhile, the graphics feature the paranormal as well as the ideas that society is uncomfortable talking about. Conspiracy theories, extraterrestrials, crop circles, death and police brutality are some of the concepts showcased in the brand’s collection.

There are also more light-hearted stuff such as classic B-movie horror, science fiction, and taboo sexuality. According to the label’s founder, DJ/producer Pictureplane, his designs always come back to the music and subculture like punk, hardcore, rap and hip-hop, techno and rave.

He started the brand around 2013 or 2014. He also admitted that he has always felt like an outsider or an alien which is why he came up with the name ALIEN BODY.

Moreover, he added that the label is really about subculture. It also is about the underground DIY warehouse scene that helped his development.

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